Driving Lessons

We are pleased to offer various types of driving instruction:


Driving Lessons — Westchester County Driving Instruction in Mamaroneck, NY
Our patient instructors will teach your teenager how to drive safely by showing them how to make good decisions based on learned perceptions. They will explain how to take safe and effective action to prevent potential collisions, as well as covering the fundamentals of driving. They will also work on reinforcing traits such as accountability, personal responsibility, respect and consideration for others, as well as an appreciation for actions and consequences.
Please refer to Package Information to choose the individual lessons for the package that works best for your teenager.
Please contact us at Formula One Driving School so we can offer you a lifetime of safe driving.

Au Pair

American traffic rules and regulations are quite different from other countries. It is important to familiarize your Au Pair with driving customs in the U.S. It is of utmost importance that your Au Pair is well informed.
Formula One Driving School can teach your Au Pair safe driving techniques. We can offer a general driving assessment and any remedial lessons that may be necessary.
We can also include school runs, local shops and other routes that your Au Pair will be traveling.
Call us to discuss any of your concerns and to schedule an appointment for lessons at: 914-381-4500


Formula One Driving School offers safety evaluations for Senior Drivers.
Our on the road evaluation is conducted in our vehicle that is equipped with dual control brakes. The evaluation is conducted by a driving instructor trained to assess driving skills and ability. The evaluation will be conducted on local streets in a variety of traffic situations.
The assessment covers the driver's physical ability to transfer into our car, through all driving maneuvers. We evaluate vision and perception, cognition, and endurance during the session.
Senior Holding Car Keys — Private Driving Lessons in Mamaroneck, NY
We will provide the family or the individual with a written evaluation.
The evaluation includes a Pass/Fail section, as well as whether we recommend further driving lessons to maximize safety and independence behind the wheel.
Please contact us at Formula One Driving School so we can better assist your needs.

Stick Shift

We provide standard transmission driving lessons. The lessons are given in 1.5 hour sessions in our dual control brake car with our very patient and skilled instructors.
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